Wednesday, 21 January 2015

And They Stealing You...

                    Here we are living in the era of Information Technology. Our life is now depended on technologies in the form of Internet, from sharing our thoughts to buying cosmetics. We can connect to the global in our finger touch. Still there are more debates happening in the name of "Science is boon or bane". Result of that everyone knows, it will depend on the way we using that. Is that not meaning that we should not harness the power of science. So I just want to share something I read & understand and giving you rights to take your decision of boon or bane.

                    Now in every browsers you have the option to synchronize your bookmarks, search history from various devices by logging in your account. So it will be helpful to recollect all the helpful websites you found in your office, or in your mobile/tablet during the travel. And it will feel great for your surfing experience. So all of your surfing results carries the details of your interests , daily habits, the time you spending in social networks, items you bought from the retailers. These details are synchronized with your account.

                   These interests of you are used to give you the best results when you searching something. So once you logged in your account and your every activities in web will be traced. Last week, Snapdeal announced that they collecting one terra bytes of their registered users interests daily instead they collected only 16GB of data before a year and based on that they are giving best results when the user logged in next time. Consider, you are willing to buy one smart phone and your price range is between Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000. You are searching for various mobiles from your friends suggestions to various interests and you fed up then declared not to buy for now and logged out from the site. The next day when you are visiting that site and logging in, you will find more details of mobiles within the price range, the features you interested in the home page.

                  This algorithm is followed by all the familiar social networks and sites. In Facebook, every likes, comments and shares of your account collected and processed through the algorithms. Based on that result, news feeds(home page) will display the posts which you are interested more at first then you least interested. Flipkart and amazon doing the same. Every move of yours are captured and in back end its processed through the algorithms. Its kind of marketing , understanding the user and focusing on showing the interested parts to user. There are thousands of programmers behind creating these beautiful algorithms which handles user data. The more you search the more accurate result will reach you. So these details would be helpful for you to provide expected results on your queries.

                  And we should know how those giant companies growing by the user experience . Yes, its your information they are gathering, its your money you spending on them. You need to know at least what they are up to.

              While sign up nor installing software we have that great habit of saving time by skipping terms and conditions. Yes, indeed they are mentioning everything in terms and conditions regards how they getting your information and how they processing it, security vulnerabilities, precautions and more. Consider Facebook's terms&conditions, it said they will never reveal user's personal details nor sell it to third parties. But last year, they made one research that how Facebook feeds/posts changes one person mental state. Yes, they selected thousands of Facebook users without their knowledge and showed them two types posts. For some of the users they showed the feeds which are negative or making them feel uneasy and to other some users the positive or making them feel crazy. In the result of research, those users who went through the posts of negative posted more depressed and negative status meanwhile other who come across the posts of positive posted cheerful positive status. And they revealed this results to public and said “we did this research is because we care about the emotional impact of Facebook and the people who use our product”. But in the quick judgment of the Internet, that argument was not universally accepted.

Facebook didn’t do anything illegal, but they didn’t do right by their customers” said by the technology analyst. Hence, they can involve with the emotions of their customers without their knowledge.

As per their terms and conditions, they are not selling user's personal information to any third parties and but they involving privacy of user without their consent. Though these personal information of users helps them in some way yet it giving more way to giant companies to access users personal.

We could increase the choice our privacy with precautions.

Consider using Incognito window in Chrome or private window Firefox when accessing secured websites like banking and social networks. Because these wont keep track you by storing cookies and history in browser.

Try to logout once you finished with mail checking or social network, and don't open any other websites at the same time. Hence they will come to know about all your surfing history and interests.

Change your passwords often and add your mobile number to the account hence it will help in avoiding hacking problems.

To be continued....

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


செவிகளில் ஊரிடும் ஓசைகள் ஏனோ இதயத்தில் வழிந்திட கண்டேன் 

உடல் யாவிலும் ஆங்கே உடன் இச்சைகள் நிரப்ப பாத்திரம் ஆனேன்

சரிந்து விழும் இலை சருகுகளை போலே புவியோடு நிதம் சகிதமானேன் 

கதை காரியம் ஏதுமின்றி புது பாதை தெறிய கண்டேன் வழி அதை தொடர்ந்தேன் 
ஆங்கே இசை வெள்ளம் ஓட கண்டேன்
அதனூடே சிறு மீன் கூட்டம் திரியக்கண்டேன்

பல்நிற பூக்கள் கண்டேன் - சளைக்காமல் அமுதுறிஞ்சும் கொற்றேனிகளை கண்டேன்
வசந்தத்தின் நாணல் கண்டேன் அதன் அசையும் ஆடல் கண்டேன் 

இன்னது இனியதென்று எவர் சொல்லி தந்தாரோ ? 

இலக்கணம் ஏதும் வேண்டா - இவை காட்சி முன்னிறுத்த மெய் கண்கள் கூறிடுமே அவைகள் ஆச்சர்யத்தின் உச்சமென்று. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

NOTA - Common Man's Thought

None Of The Above

Voting is a right of every citizen, they say. "But who cares, I have lots of other important work to do. Moreover I dont know anything about those people, whom the media is calling as politicians", "All are corrupt, why should I vote for them" are the common thoughts of today's generation. Guess what....I used to be one of them.

Government has been constantly trying to invite young citizens, through campaigns and media programmes, to cast their vote and to take part in shaping of government. One of such step is NOTA (None Of The Above).

(What is NOTA? Sounds like some video game.)
NOTA, also known as "against all" or a "scratch" vote. It is an option where we can cast our vote without voting to any of the candidate ( wait....what???? ). Meaning we are disapproving all the candidates.

(Hmmm....sounds interesting....but what good will it do???)

As said earlier it is to encourage every citizen to cast their vote, even if they dont like or dont know the candidates.

Common Misconception

One of my friend explained that if NOTA gets more vote than any of the candidates, then there will be president rule. I didn't know what that means but I decided to get more information. I found that NOTA doesnt give us the Right to Reject (RTR). According to former chief election commissioner S Y Quraishi, the Supreme Court in its order has just given "the right to register a negative opinion."Say for example, there are 100 votes in total and NOTA got 99 and Candidate A got 1 vote. The winner be Candidate A. The rest of the votes will be considered invalid.

(Umm......ok I get it....but still .....)

There may be other positive outcomes also by implementing NOTA. It will put preasure on political parties to nominate only good candidates. And for the people, atleast they will know how many candidates are contesting in their locality and eventually they will start exploring them. Good for future elections ...don't you think so?

(hmmm.... seems legit )

So, whatever reason you have
you don't like the candidates,
you don't now them or
you think it wont make any difference....

( i am lazy not that reason )

for the sake of our country, VOTE.... its your Right.....right?

                                                                                                         -Praveen Kumar

Friday, 21 March 2014

Apple's Smart Watch

When seeing things differently everything seems to be new, new things always seems to be interesting , interesting things always makes to do everything with great mind.
Every time when new products going to launch , all eyes filled with the expectation of how this could be different  from others ?
what is the technology behind that ?.  Whether we going to buy that product or not that expectation never dies.
When Google announced the news of smart human wearable things , it introduced the smart Glass and smart watches, everyone mesmerized with the imagination of wearing those glass.

When news spread that Apple also involving in the process of releasing smart wearable things , expectation of touching the invisible technology increased to techie lovers.

 Apple's iWatch comes with features of
 1. Multi-touch screen
 2. Front and rear facing cameras
 3. Battery life with 24 hours of music playback
 4. LCD projector
 5. WiFi, Bluetooth and integrated RSS reader
 6. Connectivity with iPhone and iPad
 7. 16GB of storage
Is that watch or what ? I can hear you , say it slowly ;)

When you thinking is that possible , they made it and its ready to launch. And you are going to wear that as palm faced, You may think, is not't girls only wearing watches like that, is that not a macho thing to do that. And this iWatch comes with voice recognition so forget you are going to be alone at anytime.

After the evolution of mobile phones, who wearing watches just to know time. Watches always being pride for those who wearing it by the brand and design of
the watch. And this time you are not going to wear this iWatch only to show the pride of yourself but to make yourself go with techies.

Hope everyone loves to grow with technologies and live in imaginable world , then its time for that.

Price of the Apple's iWatch in India is Rs.29000/-. Go for it , live with it.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Be Yourself

“When I look at a person, I see a person - not a rank, not a class, not a title.”
Criss Jami

              This world is fully marked with competition where personality is the key to compete with. If you have confidence and pleasing personality, you will surely make your mark in social, business, personal, political and everywhere else in the society.

To make yourself fit to this environment, you need to understand, accept, develop, follow and overcome few aspects.

Understand yourself better:  Understanding is not gathering information about your physical appearance , but finding out your strength, weakness, your limit, potential and work accordingly.  One who can easily understand you is yourself, who other can ?  Try to listen your inner voice. It always guide you in right path , catch that and  rule your life.  Live everyday rather than spending it.

Accept everything you get :  Everyone in this world have unique strength and you could not  master in all things.  Accept your weakness when you fail. When you are in need to accept something ,  ask any number of people but take a decision on your own. Take full  responsibility for your output even if its worst or too good. Failure is never good or bad. It is just a feedback. Dare to take risks and never afraid to make mistakes.

Practice the habit of gratitude: Be thankful to whatever you get in your life. Cultivate the habit of appreciating others no matter how small work is. Be sure that you are not  fake. Surround yourself with positive people. Never spend time with people who pull your leg often while you climb up. Never be addicted to the approval of others. You become a volunteer and enjoy the path, not the reward alone. For every victories, we do expect others to recognize it.

Have a pleasing attitude: Mannerism weighs a lot in professional world. Educate yourself instead of entertaining.  Fix your goals and try exceeding it often as you can. Always use positive words to speak as negative statements never reach human brain quickly.

Develop leadership quality : Have a clear vision about what you do. Try to manage less to manage better.

Dig a well of curiosity, ignite it with interest and dare to cross it .

                                                                                                                             - Aswini G

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Stay Awake

Inventing the 'Chance' is better than finding it .  Its also a free advice(bitter medicine) which can be given by anyone who does not deserve the degree in the field of medicine(including me :P) . Lets go through this topic , is there anyone who does not want to be successful ? or drowned in failure and thinks about the taste of success ?

So, Success is the aim of everyone , but few only deserves that . Who are they ? How they did that ?  We may come across many success stories , which makes us to fly in the sky and our time table get sudden changes for that moment . But we just forgetting "Organizing and Executing Around Priorities"  as always . Keeping goal does not make any sense but following it and living through it does.
Lets we take look at these questions,

  • Isn't it matter to assign the priorities for our works ? 
  • Sacrificing is the meaning of hard work ?
  • What are those IQ(Intelligence Quotient), EQ(Emotional Quotient) & SQ(Spiritual Quotient) and how it change our success rate?
  • Is Success depends on our Environment ?
 Just think about these questions , answers are within us , search through it . I wants to remain these famous quotes , "When you start to love your work, you don't need to work for a day","Stay Hungry , Stay Foolish" . These makes lot of sense .

 Remind those quotes, we are going to start our journey with these.  These are some books i loved to read and hope you too .